Linguasign: languages made fun

LinguaSign primary school teaching resources provide a comprehensive introduction to a range of languages. Our resources are unique in a number of ways, and use talking and signing 'avatars' to support primary teachers - in particular non-specialists - to extend pupils' speaking and listening skills using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning.

Teaching materials are available as a suite of four DVDs together with supporting notes:

  • Language resources for English, French, Dutch and Portuguese - other languages in development
  • Introducing ground breaking, lip synchronised, native speaker 3D avatar characters
  • Creating interactive and motivating whole class, second language learning opportunities
  • Promoting a natural, immersive approach
  • Supporting generalist and specialist teachers to extend pupils' conversational speaking and listening skills
  • Using Sign Language to support communication and understanding
  • Enriching concepts of different ways of communicating

Linguasign stories are mini plays with an average length of about seven minutes which make optimum use of the animation and avatar technology. They are designed to be used over a number of repetitions and the content is designed to capture the interest of an average ten year old boy or girl.

The materials can provide a stand-alone introduction to a new language or support traditional teaching and will help primary schools meet the new recommendations for the teaching of languages.

"Linguasign is an engaging and effective resource for teaching a new language. The children in my class have really enjoyed using Linguasign in their language lessons and their language learning has been truly enhanced".
C.S: non-specialist language teacher of Year 6 at Hopton Primary, Gorleston

Developing immersive resources

In 2011 all UK primary schools will be required to undertake one hour of modern language tuition each week, however most primary school teachers are generalists with little or no specialist language training. There is therefore a pressing need for materials to support language teaching.

As part of a unique European collaboration experts have developed LinguaSign - a primary language teaching resource providing a comprehensive introduction to a range of languages combing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning. Developed for use at Key Stage 2 and proven effective within the classroom - LinguaSign supports current language teaching. It uses 'native speaking' animations within a series of interlinked stories, uniquely using gestures to reinforce language learning, with the added benefit that the teacher does not need to have prior knowledge of the language being taught.

The LinguaSign cartoons allow time for the teachers and pupils to repeat the words and gestures after each phrase, reinforcing the language learning. Each cartoon is designed to be used multiple times during the week over half a term, approximately seven minutes per session, with the teachers and students initially repeating the words and actions modelled by the avatar but eventually being able to speak alongside the characters.

Currently LinguaSign materials are available in French, Dutch and Portuguese with other languages in production. In Norfolk, languages are taught for half an hour per week with an additional thirty minutes at other times (e.g. registration). The seven minute duration of the movies means they are very suitable for use in these 'additional times' to reinforce speaking and listening skills.

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